Why Zaidsoft

  • Technology Leadership
  • Experience
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Agility
  • No Vendor Lock-In
  • Ethical Business Practices

Technology Leadership

Zaidsoft has many years of Research and Development in Web technologies specially those useful for architecting web applications.


At Zaidsoft, we have been creating successful web based solutions and pleased customers since 2002. Zaidsoft has many years’ expertise developing and maintaining Internet solutions for small and large customers.

Cost Effectiveness

TCO advantage is one of the most compelling reasons why our customers choose us. Zaidsoft offers high quality software that lowers your overall cost of ownership and maximizes benefits. Software that is easy to upgrade and maintain.


We are a small and agile company, this enables us to give you individual attention.

No Vendor Lock-In

Zaidsoft solutions are built on open, industry standard architectures like Java, JEE etc document oriented technologies like XML, and integration technologies such as JMS tools and other middleware. Zaidsoft uses industry standard methodologies and Object oriented paradigm and patterns ensuring that you will not be locked-in to particular vendor (including ourselves!).

Ethical Business Practices

At Zaidsoft we understand that before we are solution providers, we are human beings and should behave ethically with others. This philosophy gets reflected in whatever we do. We don’t try to sell you “cool” things you don’t need. We listen. We educate. And then create a solution for you that really helps you achieve real business objectives.

Partnerships with leaders

Zaidsoft has [relationships][1] with some of the world’s most respected leaders in technology and market giving Zaidsoft a unique advantage over the competition.

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