Zaidsoft Cloud Infra

Network Infra

We use world class data centers to make sure your data is safe and your site opens up fast from anywhere and everywhere.

Our network infrastructure uses not just top notch network equipments from Juniper and Cisco but we also make sure that everything is configured in most optimal way so as to provide our customers with superb performance.

Our network is 100 % switched network with no collision domains.

Traffic destined to your server instances goes through only the very necessary network equipment.

Multi-redundant network connections to important Internet exchanges ensure fast  access regardless of where your users are.


When you are hosting your applications and services in the cloud the most important consideration you constantly live with is "security". Is my applications hosted in secure environment? 

OS Security: Zaidsoft servers are security patched; so you can live with peace of mind.

Firewall Protection: A Firewall Protects your site for outside threats and intrusions. All Zaidsoft Cloud Infrastrucure servers are behind properly configured firewall.

Anti Spam & Anti Virus: Our mail servers filter all incoming messages to make sure your cloud hosted e-mail is free from Viruses and Spam.


Data Centers

Zaidsoft uses world class datacenters to host its cloud. We understand that the quality of datacenter plays a major role in deploying mission critical content and application. All datacenters used by Zaidsoft, confirm to following minimum requirements (specifications):-

  • CCTV / Video-monitoring of whole data center facility. 
  • Electronic access control terminals.
  • Standby power system with autonomous Diesel power generator.
  • Redundant UPS facilities with Battery backup of at least 15 minutes.
  • Early warning fire system with direct access  or connection to local fire/emergency services.
  • Higher than average raised floor system.
  • Monitoring of air temperature at server/network equipment ends
  • Multiple Peering Points totaling at least 500Gbit of bandwidth.
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About Zaidsoft

Zaidsoft is Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider offering end-to-end web services to customers and resellers worldwide. From Cloud Hosting Servers (PaaS) to managed servers to high performance, scalable and secure web based software (SaaS) systems; Zaidsoft does it all.

What we do

Zaidsoft specializes in network centered computing. We provide web based applications (solutions) to enable your business to take full advantage of Internet technologies. Our Software-as-Service (SaaS) delivery model helps you cut cost and management overhead associated with traditional approach to software procurement.

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