About Zaidsoft

Zaidsoft is complete e-business solution provider offering end-to-end web services to customers and resellers worldwide. Zaidsoft specializes in Enterprise Java, Linux and Android technolgies based high performance, standards-compliant, next-generation technology solutions.

Zaidsoft Allahabad, India Office

Zaidsoft uses a combination of technology, business and creative skills to assist clients in successfully using the internet for their business advantage.

Zaidsoft is a privately held firm having strong belief in Open Standards. Zaidsoft extensively uses Open Standards based technologies and various Open Source tools and libraries enabling Zaidsoft to offer high quality, dependable solutions at very reasonable prices.

We are a company that does business not only to sell something, but also, to build a clean reputation for quality, service levels and above all keeping-up the commitments.

Zaidsoft Memberships and Partnerships


Zaidsoft is promoted and managed by experienced professionals, with multidisciplinary skills and expertise and backed by network of associates and consultants. We are focused technology firm having just right combination of “depth” and “width”. A combination that gives us the capability to look at problems from the forth dimension - the “Solution Dimension”. This enables us to come out with solutions that are elegant, appropriate, innovative and cost effective.


We use powerful desktop (love AMD) and laptop (prefer Dell / Lenovo) computers and make use of the latest software development tools.

We have partnered with multiple datacenters in different geographical locations to build our cloud infrasctucture so that excellent network performance and connectivity to your applications / services is always available - no matter where you are.