Desktop Java Options


AdoptOpenJDK is an open community who are advocates of OpenJDK and produce prebuilt binaries from OpenJDK.

Visit AdoptOpenJDK Website to download and install OpenJDK for your operating system.

Nighly builds are also available


Zulu offers community builds of OpenJDK free of cost.

You can use/download free desktop Java 8 from Zulu: 32bit, 64bit

RedHat Builds

Red Hat’s implementation of OpenJDK is available free for development.

You can Download and Install Red Hat OpenJDK

Oracle Subscription

In good old days, you could simply visit to download and install JDK but starting April 16, 2019
Oracle has completely changed the License and it is no longer advisable to download and use JDK from Oracle (specially if you are a business/enterprise).

If you want to buy, Oracle is Selling Subscription to OracleJDK.