Put very simply, 5G is cloudification of telcom and wireless networks.

In 5G, telcos rely heavilly on running software defined services on commodity hardware (previous generations used lots of telecom sector specific hardware).

Life on the edge

Computing, in general, is getting closer to the edge and 5G specially encourages partitioning services into “core/central” and “edge computing” parts. Enables delivering cloud services from the edge of the network (wherever possible), thereby reducing usage of backhaul and centralised datacenters (as we do today).

Content/data and cloud-native services can reside (or be cached) very close to the user. Connectig to large centralised datacenters for relevant data/services only. An anology is CDNs but even more closer to user.

New Applications

Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) will crearte a mesh network of Cars (also connecting devices around them).

5G will change the way advertising is personalised.

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