Managed JCloud Server VLarge 32 SA

  • Fully Managed
  • Performance Tuning
  • Guaranteed RAM / Disk
  • Accelerator Powered
  • Latest JVM (JDK 1.8) 
  • Detailed Monitoring
  • Enterprise Support

We understand what it takes to provide quality dependable Java Hosting. Host all your Java, JSP, Servlet web applications with us and live with the peace of mind. Being involved in Java development since decades, we are experts in optimizing the server environment for excellent performance and security.

For your critical business web applications, you need lots of RAM and huge computing power. To take care of this, we bring to you the range of products based on clustering architecture backed by our Acceleration and Load Balancing Infra. Truly top notch hardware specs for today's high traffic and high concurrent user numbers workloads.  

These Servers are pre-configured to offer excellent java hosting out of the box. Everything is installed, tested and pre configured. Deploy your Java webapps and go!


Fully Managed

These servers are fully managed, hosted and supported by Zaidsoft. We keep a close watch on performance stats to make sure you enjoy high performance, stable and reliable cloud environemnt to host your Java applications.

We watch server performnace logs to make sure that anything requiring attention is given due attention ASAP and contine to get same performance and stability day-in and day-out.

Enterprise Grade Personlized Support

With these servers you get a direct line to our Java Enterprise Experts. You can ask questions, clarifications and suggestions regarding your application deployment, optimzation and scalability issues. 



Pre-configured Stacks / Support

  • Apache Tomcat
  • JBoss Portal 
  • Glassfish
  • Hibernage / JPA

Latest JVM

  • JDK / JRE 1.8 
  • Choice of JDK 1.7 | JDK 1.8
  • Optimized JVM parameters
  • Detailed Monitoring
  • Use Custom JVM Settings


Guaranteed RAM / Disk / IO resources

  • 100% Dedicated Resources
  • No aggressive overselling
  • No artificial bottlenecks.


MySQL / PostgresQL database

  • Properly configured and optimized
  • Choice of Databases MySQL or PostgresQL
  • Query Cache Optimization

Lots of Storage

  • RAID backed local block storage
  • Optional Extra Storage for storing short term files
  • Dedicated IO resources for fast access/update



Zaidsoft Specialized Application Acceleration Infrastructure automatically accelerates yours Web application. It also automatically lowers the actual load
Acceleration on the application servers so they are more used for actual business logic

Zaidsoft Load Balancer works in front of our java hosting servers and acts as load balancing and distribution engine. Incoming user requests/load is distributed to multiple accelerators and backend servers so they can all be used together to scale your application/site to handle huge traffic and large number
of simultaneous visitors.