Managed Dedicated Servers

We can provide and manage any configuration of servers that you may require, from a simple Linux web server, to complex load-balanced, fire-walled, database-backed clusters with gigabit connections to the Internet.

Zaidsoft uses best-in-class dedicated server vendor (having a world class datacenter). Zaidsoft can help you determine the optimal dedicated server configuration for you intended application, budget, salability, and security needs.

We support Single or multi-processor machines running Enterprise Linux 7.X and/or MySQL, Postgresql as database and other software (such as web/ftp/mail server of your choice)

We will do all technical management of your server(s) including:-

  • Providing continuing administrative and technical support regarding configuration, security, upgradeability, performance etc.
  • Management of the administration of the server, including the installation and (initial) configuration of the O.S. (operating system), databases, and other software (purchased), user accounts, web sites, FTP sites, IP addresses, etc.
  • Management of the relationship with the data center. We are your single point of contact for all technical, administrative, billing, and IT needs with respect to your dedicated server(s).
  • Scheduling and management of the application of all security patches and (O.S. related) software upgrades deemed necessary for your system. All such updates are scheduled and performed at pre-approved times so as to minimize their impact on your business.
  • Management of the configuration of the server's network, firewall, and all firewall rules.
  • Management of the security of the server so as to minimize threats and potential downtime/attack. This includes the configuration of the operating system and advice on usage of, as well as the implementation of, firewalls and security policy.
  • Monitoring of your server 24*7.
  • Availability 24*7 for critical technical support issues.