Consulting Services

Enterprise Java Consulting

Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is the only battle tested technology platform on planet earth! Harness the power of JVM guarantees, performance and security to enable your applications to run in secure managed environment that is easy to fine tune, scale and secure.

Zaidsoft brings to you consultants and architects having more than 15 years of Software Architecture and Enterprise Computing experience.

Java Consulting for Startups

Java technology is not just suited for huge enterprise usage but it can also be used by anyone interested in building excellent applications. For example startups can use java technology to lower their total cost of software licensing along with the usual benefit of stable and reliable tech stack.

If you are  a startup or not so big business and want to utilize leading technology platform get in touch with Zaidsoft who can sort out all your worries and can lead your team to harness the power of this free and open source yet most powerful tech platform.

Zaidsoft can help you identify if the tech stack you are planning to use is feasible or suitable for your problem domain. If no then what are the options and why. If yes then why and how to use it most optimally.

Benefit from Zaidsoft's extensive experience in architecting and designing modular and maintainable software applications and systems.

Linux Consulting

We have provided consulting services to organizations willing to deploy Linux as preferred Desktop and Server OS in their organization.

Deployment of Linux frees you from clutches of Greedy OS Vendors who want your organization to submit to them in perpetuity.

Free yourself from Vendor Lock-in, Recurring Huge costs of Licensing and embrace low cost, hight ROI enterprise computing / desktop environment.


Consulting Rates

Based on your requirements, hire Zaidsoft Consultatnts for very affordable per hour rates! It can't get any better than this.

At such affordable low prices you will be exploiting the know how, insight and experience of senior technology consultants and architects for your business advantage.


Suitable For Duration of Single Session Rate per hour
Software Architecture / Framework / Technology Min 2 Hours Contact us
Software Architecture / Framework / Technology Min 40 hours Contact us
Software Development & Web Development Min 80 hours Contact us
All of above - Multi month, multi activity assignment. Min 160 hours Contact us


  • Max of 160 hours can be booked and consulted in one month (per consultant)
  • Consulting hours can be negotiated but will not exceed 40 hours a week in normal course
  • Single day sessions can be of maximum duration of 10 hours